Scuba Diver

Those 10 years of age and above. Ages 10-14 will receive a Junior Scuba Diver certification which depending on age has a limited depth range.

WHAT: The Scuba Diver course is your first step into the underwater world. It is the most exhilarating experience you may ever have. Imagine being in outer space without gravity, but underwater. From the time you take your first breath underwater there is no turning back.

The course is divided into three sections:

  1. Register and Get Digital Online course code: You should register several weeks in advance to have enough time to read the required material and take the appropriate tests. Additionally, we will schedule you for your personal in-store appointment with one of our staff members.
  2. Confined Water Sessions: Next step is joining one of our confined pool sessions in which you will be learning the skills required to be comfortable in the water with your scuba equipment.
  3. Open Water Training: You will complete four open water dives over a two day period – typically over a weekend.

Once you complete all three sections of training, you will receive your Scuba Diver certification card or “C-card.” This certification card is recognized worldwide and is administered for your lifetime. You may also choose to complete your open water dives with Just Add H2O at one of the exotic destination adventures or when you travel on your own. Don’t forget the Scuba Diver card is just the beginning of what you can experience when deciding to adventure into the underwater world.


  • Private Classes: Available upon request.
  • The weekend schedule concludes the entire process of certification in two weekends. The first consisting of all the confined water and pool requirements. The second consists of completing the four open water training dives.
  • 2021 DATES
  • December 11-12 Dr. Susan Bardwell Aquatic Center
  • 2022 DATES
  • February 19-20 Bridgman Aquatic Center
  • April 23-24 Dr. Susan Bardwell Aquatic Center
  • June 18-19 Bridgman Aquatic Center
  • July 16-17 Dr. Susan Bardwell Aquatic Center
  • August 20-21 Bridgman Aquatic Center
  • October 15-16 Dr. Susan Bardwell Aquatic Center
  • December 10-11 Bridgman Aquatic Center

Once you have completed the first weekend of classroom and pool training you can schedule the open water dives.

Open water dives:  

Open Water Dates:2022

*May  14-15  France Park

*June 25-26 Gilboa Quarry

*August 27-28 Gilboa Quarry

*October 22-23 Gilboa Quarry


  • Class Fee: $380.00 includes digital online course, Ecard and log book Additional $40 fee for hard plastic card. Register for Scuba Diver course 
  • Add Nitrox certification at the same time and get $50.00 off the cost of the course and books. Register for Combo Scuba Diver and Nitrox course
  • Students must purchase: Mask, fins, snorkel and boots.
  • Additional costs: park admission and parking fees at the quarry.
  • Just Add H2O provides: Scuba equipment including tanks, weights, regulator and BC (wetsuit for open water dives). All safety equipment including first aid kit, emergency oxygen and dive flag & float as required. And any other equipment as required by the diving environment.


  • Use a dry suit during open water dives: $69
  • Get full Drysuit Diver Specialty Certification the same weekend as your Open Water Certification dives: $110.00 + books.
  • Purchase a Scuba equipment package & use it during your lessons: Save $100 off purchase price.
  • Combine the Scuba Diver Course and the Nitrox course for an additional $105.00 ($50 off the normal course Fee includes Digital online training)