Posted on September 8, 2009 ยท Posted in Dive Trips

Hi Kathy,

John and I went diving in Lake Michigan with Capt. Mike Tapper (N’Pursuit Adventure Charters/East Chicago Marina) on Saturday. Always pretty easy to find and the parking is free and not too far from the boat. About 1 hour 15 minutes from the east side of Niles.

This is our third diving trip to Lake Michigan, with great weather and 1 foot waves.Surface water temp was 65 degrees with temps at wreck depth coming in around 56 degrees.Since we had a new diver on board, Capt. Mike picked two good dives – the Tacoma ( the 73′ long wooden steam powered tug) and the Material Service Barge ( the 240′ long steel hulled motor barge with open cargo holds) . Six of divers in our group and Capt. Mike has always had a Divemaster on board who keeps a watchful eye on us.

Visibility at the wreck sites was around 12-15 feet. Waters were very calm at depth.The Zebra Mussels abound with Gobies ready to greet us everywhere we went.We did see some big bass down there this time…. that was a treat! Capt. Mike said he would continue his dive adventure charters through the end of September.


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